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Piano Restoration in Singapore

Over time, any piano ages and requires greater maintenance, than previously. Sometimes, if not used for a long time or cared of properly, keyboard instruments start seriously decaying. The wood dries out, the strings detune to the point, when no regular tuning will help, and other unfortunate transformations happen to the piano. This is the case, when one should get a hold of piano restoration services in order to get the instrument back in shape. This could be quite an overwhelming process, since specialists will need far more, than one or two days to restore a piano and make it look and sound alive.

RapidSG Mover is one of Singapore’s most trusted piano specialists. While we majorly focus on piano removals, we also have experts in the team, who will gladly help you out with your piano restoration needs. Our piano restoration services include painting, varnish coating, parts replacement, tuning, string replacement, etc. In other words, when you trust your old piano to us with hopes to get it back looking good, you ultimately get an instrument that looks and sounds like you’ve got it straight out of music store. RapidSG Mover is always happy to help you!

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