Hiring a piano moving company has become kind of a big deal these days. With lots of moving companies offering all sorts of affordable piano moving deals in combination with associated services, the decision to hire a company that does it all for you sounds far from reality.

So who should you choose as your moving partner?

The answer is simple yet profound – one that moves your piano like you would do. And it looks like a bunch of friends or family members right there to make your challenging and stressful task like a breath of fresh air. The only difference between you doing it yourself instead of hiring us is the level of expertise, maneuvering techniques, and experience we bring into the picture. Not to say your loved ones don’t have the experience of moving a piano; however, it’s not about a one-off move once in a while. It’s serious my friend.

So, hiring a professional moving company like us is your right choice because:

You prevent yourself, your loved ones and your property from injury and damage

particularly when stairs are involved, the risk of damage is double. Your precious instrument may slip from your hands go straight down the stairs or send someone to hospital. However, the professional techniques we use don’t cause harm to any worker throughout the process

You save substantial amounts of money

it may seems like you’re paying a big amount by hiring a moving company but just imagine the cost you’ll have to incur if your piano gets damaged no matter how careful you were. That said, the prices we offer are quite affordable

Proper, custom-build equipment and moving vehicles

your piano move isn’t any other furniture move and we know that. That’s why we have proper equipment and vehicles to move any type and any size of piano.

Moving a piano is a hassle but we make it worth the cost for you. Leave this heavy lifting to a professional like us.