RapidSG Mover has a clear comprehension of how significant it is to be certain that your keyboard instrument is maintained by expert piano movers that can assure its safety during the entire process. Moreover, it is absolutely fine, if you have questions that you want answered before ultimately hiring us. Below are listed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services with our answers below them:

Why is it important to hire the right piano mover specialist in Singapore for a piano removal?

While you may consider your piano as a monolith, it actually has tons of small details within it โ€“ they can break down or fail in other ways because of inappropriate handling. This is the precise reason, why itโ€™s better for your own good and your pianos to focus on finding and hiring a piano moving specialist that is able to move your instrument safely and professionally.

How does RapidSG Mover move pianos?

RapidSG Mover is considered one of the finest piano movers in Singapore for a reason. The thing is that we are employing the highest-quality tools, equipment, and machinery that are combined with the work maintained by our professionally trained and qualified movers that provide safe and quick piano removals.

Why hire RapidSG Mover instead of other contractors?

One of the principal reasons would be the experience of our company. In the meantime, all of our moving specialists have to go through a special training program every once in a while in order to make certain they are able to do their job properly and can handle the most unexpected and complicated situations that may come up during a piano move. RapidSG Mover approaches each client individually in order to supply the most advantageous price possible.

Why hiring a piano mover is better than handling a piano relocation on my own?

When you are in need of getting your electric network repaired, youโ€™re searching for and hiring an electrician, lest you are the one. Itโ€™s pretty much the same when it comes to piano relocations โ€“ RapidSG Mover is one of the top piano moving firms in Singapore, because of experience and high qualification in this particular niche. This is critical in order to ensure the safe relocation of your piano.