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Cheap Piano Movers Singapore

Piano is always a serious investment and its relocation requires professional attendance. Since pianos are rather sensitive instruments, moving your piano by yourself can result in damaging it and as well in harming your property or even injuring your own self. Thus, it’s better to find and hire a professional piano mover, who will move your piano safely and carefully without causing any stress to it.

Whether you want to get your piano down through stairs, narrow hallways, or tight doorways, don’t stress over it, since RapidSG Mover assures that both your property and your piano remain safe and sound throughout and after the relocation process. So, whether you need a Yamaha piano mover or a mover for any other piano brand, we’ll get you covered. Our piano moving experts are using custom-designed equipment and tools, such as safety belts, dollies, and even protective sheets among other things to move keyboard instruments with ease and keep them safe.

How Do Our Moving Experts Move Pianos?

  1. After receiving your piano move request, our team will pay you a visit to see what equipment they might need to handle your piano’s relocation;
  2. They will collect all the details directly from you, including the type, weight, and size of your piano;
  3. After thorough planning, our movers will come back to you on the agreed-upon date with all the equipment (and machinery, if needed) to execute the removal;
  4. Once they take your instrument out of your property, it will be loaded into the truck that will take it to either our storage facility or the destination you designated.

RapidSG Mover is not only one of the most reputed piano removal companies in Singapore – we are also one of the cheapest piano movers in the country while providing top-notch quality services. We approach each customer individually in order to meet everyone’s particular needs. So, if you’re looking for a cheap piano mover in Singapore that would also be able to supply high-quality assistance to you, it’s RapidSG Mover.

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