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Whether you intend to relocate to a house across the street, or to another city or country, you will most likely take your piano with you. But, since piano relocation isn’t a cakewalk, you might need to check several piano storage facilities, while you’re moving all the rest of your household. Look for a dust-free and climate-controlled facility, so you don’t end up getting piano restoration because of improper instrument storage. Above all, you need peace of mind that your precious piano is safe and sound, while you’re taking care of other things.

RapidSG Mover is here to help you out with your piano removal and piano storage needs. Regardless of what kind of piano you have, we have the right solution for you. Our company arranges a wide range of piano storage options, including those meant for upright pianos, grand pianos, baby grand pianos, portable organs, etc. Our storage facility is away from water and heat sources, and all the instruments are stored far from the outside wall.

How Can I Get Your Piano Storage Assistance?

  1. Get in touch with us via our online form, sending your requirements and the type of piano you want us to store for you;
  2. We give you a call back to get additional details, if needed, or to let you know that your request is being attended;
  3. We arrange your visit to our storage facility either the best way for you;
  4. If you’re satisfied with what you see during the visit, we make final agreements to move your piano from your property to our storage facility;
  5. Once your piano is in our storage facility, we assume complete responsibility for it. There’s no need to worry since your instrument is insured against theft and damages that may be caused by unforeseen events;
  6. When the storage period is over and you want to get your piano back to your property, we transport it to where you need it, according to the agreed-upon time frames.

RapidSG Mover guarantees careful handling and quick transportation. We guarantee the most advantageous piano storage cost options according to your particular needs.

Contact us right now to find out more about our piano storage services and get a free quote!


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