Piano removal is something that has always be taken care of by professionals, because it requires a high level of expertise and same as high level of qualification. There are a lot of moving companies in Singapore these days that claim to do it all, but can’t meet the safety and turnaround standards, when it comes to moving pianos. Well, it’s your luck, because RapidSG Mover is here to take care of your piano relocation. Moreover, when hiring our company, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best prices possible.

Speaking of prices on our piano removal services, there are quite a lot of factors that affect them. While RapidSG Mover is all about providing customers with the most affordable piano moving services possible, there is still a certain range of rates. These factors include the distance between the piano’s old and new locations, the type of piano relocated, presence of a stair case, etc. You might be wondering, how does stair case affect the ultimate price of our services. Well, first of all, it’s really dangerous to take a piano up or down (especially, down) the stairs. Also, it’s incredibly difficult, since our workers have to take your piano either up or down the stairs (or both) and keep them safe and scratch-free.


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